Monday, 8 June 2009

All Gigs review Cicada's Roulette

I recently reviewed Cicada's single 'Metropolis' and was surprised by how damn great it sounded as I was preparing myself for some Bass hunter style dross. But they made popular and dance good again in my eyes so I snapped up the chance to review the album from which this great song came.

Proceedings begin with 'Falling Rockets' which is a great synth riddled tune with a vocal that is so icy cool and laid back you could be forgiven for thinking Heidrun Bjornsdottir is not that interested in singing. But no, she's Icelandic so it's just her natural, lovely way. The incomparable 'Metropolis' comes next which as I've said before is one of the hottest songs of the year. Then 'One Beat Away' which begins with a great indie disco guitar before flying in with sweeping synths and another top vocal. It may be a tad long at almost seven minutes but it engages you for the most part and could become a top single if edited down to a radio friendly length. 'Talking' is a change of pace with a droll male vocal and a relaxed drum and keyboard track. Then comes 'P Star' which is a great instrumental incorporating a futuristic spin on a tribal beat. The production of the song gives it a dazzling sheen. 'Executive' is a great piano and synth driven tune with great dreary vocals from 'Editors' lead singer Tom Smith. It gives the listener a different slant on their style with a darker sound as accessible and well produced as the glossier tracks. 'Psycho Thrills' is a great disco pop tune that beats the living crap out of anything Lady GaGa has done. Simple beats and great vocals bring memories of Debbie Harry. A lavishly exuberant song. 'Love Don't Come Easy' showcases a perfect vocal that from Heidrun that is half Kylie, half Bjork and all conquering with another great pop chorus. 'Green Light' is a dreamlike tune that would slip onto any chill out compilation. 'Tears' tones down most of the instrumental to give us an up close and personal performance from Heidrun, and it is a standout track. 'Don't Stare At The Sun' starts off in the same vein before it kicks into a top mesh of synths, beats and pop smarts that carry us over into the final track, 'Tiad'. No lyrics but a dreamy sighing from Heidrun coupled with immense instrumentals mark it out as a fine track to end on. The secret tracks a cracker too.

All in all it's just great. Bringing the good parts of Daft Punk, New Order and modern indie styled dance Cicada have struck gold. 'Metropolis' and 'Psycho Thrills' stands head and shoulders above the rest but that is due to their sheer brilliance. The rest of the tracks will have you mesmerised throughout. An instant classic."

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