Tuesday, 2 June 2009

DaVinChe MySpace Homepage!

DaVinChe's competition, to win a day in the studio with him has made the main and music homepages of MySpace this week!

From DaVinChe "So, you may have seen the video, if you haven't here's the deal. You've heard all the biggest MC's on the scene on Rider, and Clea's vocals on Riding For Love - do you think you could do better? Download the instrumental from my audio player or from here http://soundcloud.com/davinche/davinche-rider-instrumental, add your stuff and email the track back to me at this address; comps@davinche.com I'll pick the winner and let you all know on Monday 15th June 2009, so get your track back to me by 6pm on Friday 12th June. The winner will get a full day in the studio with me"

For more information, go to DaVinChe's MySpace here

Win A Day In The Studio With Me, DaVinChe!