Thursday, 19 November 2009 chat to Jem!

"Singer Jemma Griffiths is a lady on the move. The Welsh native, who resides in LA, has just entered a competition to ‘Crash the Superbowl’. She’s also developing a string of iPhone Apps, writing a screenplay and teaching herself how to direct and edit films.

All this as her third studio album lies complete sans vocal tracks and her side project – a piano album – is ready to go.

How she allotted an hour with to chat about gadgets, technology and computer games is beyond me.

Her first album Finally Woken shifted over 700,000 copies in the UK and US alone and was a top ten hit along with single They, whilst irritatingly catchy Just a Ride made the top 20 in the UK singles charts.

Cited quite wrongly as the next Dido when she broke through, Jem’s debut album drew on a number of influences with the press struggling to pitch her genre.

The inability to pigeonhole Jem’s creative works seems a fitting testament to the artist herself; diverse and ambidextrous.

The qualified lawyer had to travel Stateside to get her big break. She’s still mobilised by music but is finding sweeter satisfaction by laboriously crafting new skills; an undying passion for film is now top of the pecking order."

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