Thursday, 19 November 2009

All Gigs 4 out of 5 Review for Bertie Blackman's "Secrets And Lies"

"It was with some trepidation that I started listening to Bertie Blackman's new album 'Secrets and Lies'. Probably for the most part because of that stereotypical idea I (did) have of Australian musicians. Don't get me wrong I'm one of Nick Caves biggest fans and I have plenty of Triffids and Go Between's records from the day, but apart from that I'm stuck in the mind set of Men at Work, Savage Garden and Kylie. I know, time to stop being so narrow minded!

A brief trip through Blackman's biography revels that at 25 years of age, this is her third album release following 'Headway' and 'Black'. She is a self-thought multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, the daughter of the famous Australian artist Charles Blackman (check him out, he's done some good stuff!). Her original pre 'Secrets and Lies' work was one of an alt-rock persona but she now appears to have come down on the electro side.

Within only a couple of three plays the album grows and I'm already feeling guilty for the Australian pigeon holing comment!"

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