Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sugarscape "Remember The Reason 4 From Last Year's X Factor?"


Last year on X Factor a group of tattooed builder types called The Reason 4 sailed through the auditions and off to Simon Cowell’s swanky house. Then One Direction came along and became the boy band equivalent of an atomic bomb.

The Reason 4 however have managed to brush off the X Factor and One D debris and come back in fighting pop form. Probably because they’re a man band.

They’re single is called Take It All and is proper anthemic and manly. A similar vibe to when Take That decided to be taken seriously as fully grown adult men.

The video is pretty cool too, in fact take out the cringe slow-motion turns……and they’re on to a winner.

Click here to see the piece in all its glory (and added photos) on Sugarscape

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