Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tatiana "Spider Web" Featured On Pop Fodder

‘Spider Web’ is one of those infectious pop songs you like straight from the word go, if the brilliant 7th Heaven Remix was played in any dance club across the UK it would have people jumping up and down singing the words even having never heard it before.

Sung by Tatiana Okupnik a solo artist from Poland and produced by Denis Ingoldsby and Andy Murray (both well respected producers who have worked with the likes of N-Dubz and Sugababes) it was clear this would be a radio friendly single aimed to appeal to the masses of casual clubbers out there.

She was in a band called Blue Café and toured throughout Europe until she went solo in 2006. Now five years later she’s got an album being released in May and has this single, as one of the stand out tracks from it.

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