Monday, 28 March 2011

Pop Fodder ‎"The beginning of ‘I Am The Miracle’ is just… wow"

"The Plea started off as the two Doherty brothers, Denny and Dermot (no relation to Pete) were working building sites as day jobs then touring the Irish pub circuit by night. After an American label signed them they created an album that sadly never got the recognition it perhaps deserved.

However, after grabbing the talents of drummer Gerry Strawbridge and bassist Paul Toland they got to work on more songs and whacked them on their myspace page, this caught the attention of Legendary Belgian Dance Label R&S Records and after long talks on Skype, the band were signed.

The beginning of ‘I am the Miracle’ is just… wow. The guitar into is fantastic, supported by well played drums. The vocals and lyrics are very catchy which is far from a bad thing as you are singing along after only 30 seconds of the track, and the singer can put those vocals to a variety of ranges it seems, which is rare these days in the music scene with most acts whole back catalogues sounding remarkably similar (talking to you Scouting For Girls). The lyrics go together well with the chords and the band as a whole just fit together effortlessly"

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