Thursday, 28 January 2010

KCAT featured on The Beat Review

"If I am only allowed to describe the track in one word, I would say 'infectious' immediately. The track immediately caught my senses and got me hooked.

Boys Don't Cry is pretty upbeat and does sound as a very fun record. The repetition of the line 'Boys, boys don't cry' is sheer genius on her part. It does show that KCAT's songwriting is truly great.

The track can be used as a good measuring gauge to determine whether KCAT is someone who can be considered as a one-hit wonder or as someone who simply has what it takes to continuously make creative music that can surely please the audience.

And creating great music is something in which KCAT excels. Boys Don't Cry is a good testament to this. The catchy beats, alongside the refined lyrics, is a huge asset in the track. Without such, I don't think the track is actually enjoyable in the first place.

In conclusion, Boys Don't Cry is truly a dance gem. It's a great fun record that will surely get people dancing non-stop. KCAT will surely flourish as an artist if her future records continue to sound brilliant just like Boys Don't Cry. The track is simply brilliant. End of story.


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