Friday, 31 July 2009

Basshunter "The Perfect Holiday... ?" Sun Online Exclusive!

The Sun Online get the exclusive trailer to Basshunter's new video for the single "Every Morning", which they placed on the Music and Bizarre Homepages!

"BASSHUNTER has given his fans exactly what they want - another dose of AYLAR.
The zaney Swede cast the raunchy model in several of his previous videos, but she was noticeably lacking in his last.
We've got our hands on a taster of new single Every Morning which sees the couple frolicking on a beach.

Basshunter, real name Jonas Altberg, said: "We've been in Majorca shooting the new video.

"It's very exciting not only to be continuing the story from the first album, but also to be releasing my brand new single from my brand new album. I can't wait.

"This video gives you a sneaky peek into what the full video is going to be about and what happens to me and Aylar.

"Come back to The Sun online in a couple of weeks and see the full video exclusively."

Every Morning is released on September 21.

Album Bass Generation hits shelves on September 28.

Click here to see the feature on The Sun Online