Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lovelle Featured On Yahoo's OMG

Ray Foxx featuring Lovelle "La Musica (The Trumpeter)" is OUT NOW on iTunes

If you've not yet heard of Lovelle you will have done soon. The London-born singing sensation has featured on Ray Foxx's single, appeared in glossy magazines, performed at Glastonbury...and yet still works part-time in New Look.

Here's the heads up on everything you need to know about this new star, from the girl herself.

Lovelle loves...

Fashion I love furs. I also like jumpers - sometimes people say they can't wear certain things because they're curvy or skinny, but I think jumpers hanging off your shoulders always looks good. Leggings will always be in and you can accessorise them with pumps of brogues.

Shoes I always wear flats, although wedges are God's gift right now. They're the best thing in the world because they don't burn your feet. I love trainers. I can't count how many I have. I had to chuck the boxes out the other day because they were taking up so much room. I have a shoe rack with 40 pairs on and another cupboard full as well.

Performing I like to talk to people. I like chatting with the crowd. My home space is when I'm with my guitarist, chilling, doing my versions of things and the fact people are coming to watch. I love doing things live with instruments. It's just a nice feeling, that's where my comfort zone is.

Amy Winehouse She was 100% real. She never faked being anyone else. She got so far being herself and doing the msic that she wanted. I'd like to be like her in her honest presence and the fact she did the music she wanted. I never got to see her perform, but I saw her once in Oxford Circus. I was on the bus going to school and I couldn't get off. I was so upset.

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To find out more about Lovelle, visit her website here, follow her on Twitter here or become a fan on Facebook here.