Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Chakras Live Review On Entertainment Focus

"Irish band The Chakras came down to Hoxton Square supporting Royal Bangs tonight and managed to garner a decent crowd for their set. We'd noticed that lead singer Rocky was sporting a striped sailor style shirt which the lead singer of Sydney band The Holidays was also sporting. We're not sure if that fashion faux pas was planned but that was the only hiccup of the night as the band delivered a really rousing set of anthemic rock music.

The five piece barely had room to move around on the tiny Hoxton Square stage but lead singer Rocky was on fire. The band played a great set of anthems that included Beautiful Sorrow and current single We The People. We particularly likedBeautiful Sorrow which had a huge rocky sound and a great driving drumbeat and spacey keyboards whilst We The People was a dramatic piece with a big chorus.

Lead singer Rocky has a real charismatic presence onstage as he belts out each song, engrossed in his performance. His voice has a real strained edginess that reminds us of fellow (now defunct) Irishman JJ72.

The band played a few more songs to end their set and again provided some great rock material and we have to heap praise on their keyboardist also for providing some of the lush keyboard layerings on their songs. Their sound certainly filled the tiny Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen with ease and we feel they're destined for much bigger venues than this.

This band might not be all that big yet but we think they have a sound that will catapault them into the limelight very soon"

See this excellent live review in all its glory on Entertainment Focus right here. To find out more about The Chakras visit their website like them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here @TheChakras