Monday, 24 January 2011

Edei Interviewed By Thunderbolt Kid Music

Fresh from touring with JLS, Edei was nice enough to answer a few questions that some of you guys had sent to me via Twitter. Her single, Loved, has just been released so pop onto iTunes and get it. Be sure to check out some of her acoustic covers on Youtube, especially the cover of Forget You by Cee-Lo Green. Good stuff. (Also, she went to the same school as me, sooo yeah.)

How did you find touring and spending time with JLS? Any highlights? It was so much fun… the boys are awesome and they made everything so easy and fun! We also got on with the other support acts so well, so it was just an amazing vibe every day! My highlight was definitely playing Wembley!

When’s your album being released? The single “Loved” is out now and the album will be out soon… that’s all I can say as we don’t have a date yet!

Will you be touring soon? I hope so! That’s all I ever want to do… I love being on the road and performing every night, it’s such an adrenaline rush! So yeah, I hope I will be… I’m just waiting to hear on another support acts and we’re also trying to put together a university tour which would be really fun.

Read the full interview (this is just an extract) on Thunderbolt Kid Music here

Edei's new single 'Loved' is out RIGHT NOW, get it from iTunes here!!

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