Monday, 21 December 2009

ElectroQueer Interview Example

Last week I got to have a chat with rising pop sensation Example (real name Elliot) on the back of his tour bus with Lily Allen. To be honest, his debut single "Watch The Sun Come Up" was a bit of a slow grower for me in terms of the song, but the video itself was pretty phenomenal in all it's "I'm In London, look now I'm in Ibiza" animated glory. It wasn't until I heard his new electro-pop song "Won't Go Quietly" that I really "clicked" with his music and I'm really looking forward to his new album coming out in 2010.

In this EQ interview with Example, you get to read all about touring life with Lily Allen, the making of "Watch The Sun Come Up", the real meaning behind "Won't Go Quietly" and why his music is described as "dysfunctional electro-pop" - enjoy!

If you haven't discovered Example yet - make sure you check out his MySpace.

EQ: Well hello Elliot - how are you today?
Example: Alright dude!

Congratulations on your success with "Watch The Sun Come Up". Are you happy with how well the single was received?
Yeah yeah definitely - it was certainly got attention in all the right places. I've been waiting for that attention for about four or five years now so yeah, it's as good as it gets!

So tell me what was the inspiration for the video? I love the whole live action/animation feel to it - it's very a-ha.
Yeah a lot of people have said that. We weren't actually going for that. To be honest, I think that the animation was black and white is what tied it to a-ha. For it's time that a-ha video was amazing and everybody remembers that video. People will always compare my video to it, but I think my video has a different scope and story behind it.

How long did it take to concept and make that video?
Well the guy who directed it is a good mate of mine. We basically met up (he's done about five videos for me before) and discussed all the ideas. I told him all the things I wanted - there needed to be a beautiful girl in it and we wanted to shot it in Ibiza or Majorca. It took about a month to plan and two days shooting in Ibiza, one day in London and then a week of post-production - there was a lot going on for that video!

It certainly turned out pretty well - so congrats on that! So how did you come up with the name Example anyways?
Well it's my initials - EG. It says so on Wikipedia as well...I don't know if you read a lot of stuff on Wikipedia, but on there is a lot of fake stuff...

Well you know, wikipedia doesn't have a good reputation, so I try to avoid it when possible...
Fair enough, fair enough [laughs]

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